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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 9, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PST

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wednesday, january 9. i am dave clark. we have a busy morning. let's talk about the weather. steve paulson is here with the latest on everything. the rain is ready good to the north . it is also bad. we're not done yet. it will continue throughout the day. but per usual, it is either the santa cruz mountains or marin county north. pat yourself on the back there. it is beautiful. marin county is pulling in over one inch of rain. nevada, although not far away, you can find heavier amounts. san jose has .06. oakland and much of the peninsula had small :00 as you it is a rather robust south wind with some of the stronger gusts on the coas30 miles per hour. winter weather advisory's out
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for the mountains. that started at 315 in the morning and goes throughout the day into tonight. let the moisture being drawn up from the system here on the west-southwest of us. i will keep a lot of cloud cover and often on rain going on throughout much of the day. temperatures in the 50s. upper 50s and low 60s with the possibility of a few breaks. some scattered thundershower activity. 50s will end up with upper 50s and low 60s. cell san jose, >> that is right. the deadly crash that happened just before 4:00 this morning still has northbound 101 and that is shut down now. you can see some movement here. that is misleading, because the people who are stuck in the back up out, but no new traf e letting some the who have been sitting out here for an hour out, but the crash, which is a deadly one, is still beinstated. there is still a re oflast sett
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right now, northbound 101 is not a good route. i will show you that 280, if you want to go to 80, the looks good through downtown san jose. look at the map. i can say that northbound 101 as a crash and mckee . it is going to be slowing traffic pretty much going through here. the alternate route would be to use 280 and go on 87 or 280 and go on highway 17 and go through the area that way. but do not use northbound 101 because of the deadly crash. we do have a crew setting up to do a live shot from the scene and we will get that to you as soon as possible. let's talk about some of the other traffic around the 205 a will get much better by livermore. you get to the bay bridge, does light. let's go back to the desk at 5:02. thank you for the update. several bay area neighborhoods would have to start the cleanup
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process because of damage from overnight wind and rain. on east taylor street in san jose, tree was partially uprooted and crushed two cars and brought down live power lines. pg&e came out to re-energize the lines but people in the homes will be without power until the tree is removed and repairs can be made. another tree fall down in los altos hills on bird lane just off natoma road. ifl on top of a camper and a minivan parked under a canopy. you can see for yourself what happened . we will keep watching for other overnight weather damage all morning long. also today, oakland police will give us an update on the hit-and-run that circe injured a 14-year-old boy. it happened last wednesday near the fruitvale bart station. you can remember the horrific video. the boy was on his bike when he was hit by a gold honda and pulled underneath the car. in this footage, you can see a man in a white tank top.
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witnesses say that he was the driver. and then switched places with a woman in the passenger seat after the crash. you can see the boy lying on the ground. we are expecting to hear the latest on the investigation today at noon. the time is 5:04 today. they are expecting to more details about a man who was shot and killed on a bart train in west oakland 2 years ago today. the 19-year-old carlos munoz was killed as the train he was on pulled into the west oakland art station. the police say he and the suspect had some kind of confrontation on the bus earlier that same day. surveillance photos of the suspect were spread and distributed after the shooting, but has not been an arrest. arch police will give us more details coming up a 10:00 this morning. we do have breaking news this morning from washington. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is expected to leave his job in the justice department soon. the justice bartley says he will be leaving in the coming
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weeks after a new attorney general is confirmed. speculation about his leaving mounted after the firing of former attorney general jeff sessions in november. he has overseen special counsel robert mueller's probe into whether russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. president trump is scheduled to meet again today at the white house with congressional leaders to try to find a way to end the partial government shutdown. it is now in the 19th day. in his oval office speech last night, the present did not sound like he was ready to compromise on his demand for border wall funding. >> all americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. this is a humanitarian crisis. a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. >> the president and democrats remain at an impasse.
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the president says that the shutdown could be solved in a 45 minute meeting. >> the federal government remains shut down for one reason. and one reason only. because democrats will not fund border security. >> in their response to the speech, democrat said that the president should support the bipartisan bills they put forward which call for spending and other security measures and reopening the government. >> the president is rejecting these bipartisan bills which would reopen government over his obsession with forcing taxpayer billions of dollars on an ineffective wall. >> there is an opposite obvious situation. separates the shutdown from arguments over border security. >>are proposing to fund everything except the department of homeland security through the end of the year, giving congress time to debate the issue of border security. kamala harris responded to
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the twitter address. she said, the president did nothing tonight to offer a solution to families who will miss a paycheck again. he needs to do everything he can to open the government. joshua tree national park will be closed beginning tomorrow because of the government shutdown. park rangers in the some of the visitors took advantage of the limited staffing out there. they were driving off road and destroyed some of the signature trees there. joshua tree had remained open despite the government shutdown. the parts of the areas were being cleaned byto reopen joshu in the coming days but did not say specifically when. house speaker nancy pelosi is promising to tackle the issue that democrats did not address when they were in control the house 10 years ago. adopting gun control legislation. democratic lawmakers join her at a conference yesterday as well as former congresswoman
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gabby giffords. marked 8 years since giffords was shot in the head and critically injured in a form with constituents. six people were killed in the incident, including a young girl. >> we say enough is enough. by finally bringing, since bipartisan background check legislation to the floor of the house. >> stopping gun violence takes courage. the courage to do what is right. >> mike thompson is one of the sponsors of the bill. it extends existing background checks almost all gun sales and most gun transfers, including internet sales, gun shows, and person-to-person transacti an attorney for an undocumented immigrant accused of illegallyto the court. they upheld the law at denies
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guns to people who are in the u.s. illegally. authorities found a loaded revolver in her backpack after being arrested in los gatos under suspicion of trying to sell a stolen bicycle. he claims that he is protected under the second a limit amendment. family and friends in belmont morning the shooting death of a 17 of high school student. we will tell you a police are saying in the city that is not used to this kind of violent crime. a man is behind bars after a fight with his roommate. coming up, the bait and switch trick that police say he used. and we opened up elaine here in 101. that is not really going to help much. there is a deadly crash from the lanes. northbound 101 near mckee road. a live report from the scene . we will tell you what happened and how you can get around it.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . it is 5:12. if you're just joining us, one of the big stories. a huge problem on northbound 101 in san jose. a fatal accident. what can you tell us? >> it happened at 3:50 this morning. a garbage truck got into a crash here on northbound 11. you can see that the traffic is at a standstill. they have been letting some of the fast lane go through for a bit.
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looks like occasionally they will still stop the traffic. i would not recommend it. the alternate route is to 80 northbound. 280 to 87 will be a decent alternate route. the crash is right there where the icon is a flashing in the upper right-hand side of your screen. the traffic will be slow. let's go to ktvu's elissa harrington. >> reporter: you can see the garbage truck on its side. the tow truck just arrived it to reach a. they had the northbound lanes closed at mckee but they just opened one lane to try to clear the traffic and get it through the area. this will close the lanes back up as we go through the investigation. we know this morning is that it happened garbage truck was seen on that side locking lanes of traffic. at this time, we do not owcrash traffic is being diverted and there is extremely heavy backup.
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we were stopped in traffic for quite a while. all the southbound lanes were close. one is open right now hoping to get the traffic moving at all the people here to get them out of the area. the overturned garbage truck is blocking two lanes and we know that one person is dead. we do not know exactly how this happened, but chp is on scene. they have flares and are trying to get people through the area. then continue the investigation. live in san jose. elissa harrington. ktvu fox 2 news. we will continue to follow the story. happening today, san francisco will hold a grand opening for a new navigation center to help the homeless in the city. the center has 84 beds, including 20 reserved for women. like the other centers in the city, and permanent housing and drug rehab programs. the mayor has promised to pay
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1000 new shelter beds by next year. brings the current total to about 200 new beds since she took office. the mayor will be at the dedication for the new center at 11:30 this morning. the city of oakland said that the program it launched to prevent homelessness is working. is it to keep oakland housed will give support. allow them to keep their homes to get an extension before moving our gave the money to help them secure new housing. a family of four in oakland is eligible for the program if the household income is $50,000 or less. governor come. he wants to spend $305 million to install infrared cameras and purchase more fire engines in fire prone areas.
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the budget includes money to up trade the air attack system. and more resources to clear dead trees and brush from force. and governor newsom surprised people by praising president trump and his response to california disasters. >> he never played politics with disaster. this is not an area for politics. he has not hesitated on any of the disaster declarations. >> last november, president trump, as you see here, went to see firsthand the devastation caused by the camp fire. a fire employees under arrest, charged with possession of a controlled substance. the battalion chief was arrested in martinez on sunday. he is a 19 year employee of the fire district who works most of recently in the ms division.
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the fire department has placed him on administrative leave. they say it appears in isolated incidents that it did not involve the public. we're learning the names of the victims in a triple homicide. we told you yesterday that they were among the victims. they were shot and killed near the intersection of 11th and center streets in west oakland on friday night. police investigating a deadly shooting of a 17-year- old boy. the body of mohammad othman was found late monday night on the campus of central elementary school. he was a senior at belmont. he was on the varsity football team. investigators believe that he was specifically targeted. >> this does not appear to be a random incident. the victim and any potential suspects are known or
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associated to each other. the school has no involvement with this whatsoever. this happened hours before the elementary school students came back from winter break. they search the school campus and decided that it was safe to let classes resume as scheduled. roommate squabble over a $10,000 scratch lottery ticket and with one of the roommates in jail. the victim told police that he had purchased the scratch or two on december 20. it was worth $10,000. when he went back to the store to turn in the ticket, that he was told that the ticket had been altered and was now worthless. >> the police say that the california lottery systems of
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the suspect went to the same storm purchased a similar ticket and alter the ticket and then swapped it with the winning ticket. the suspect was arrested yesterday. he tried to cash in the stolen ticket. he was booked into the jail suspected of grand theft. it is 5:19. let's check in with the weather. >> the system in the front, almost tweeted this out yesterday. i said it sure looks good. with a stretch or elongate south to north, it really takes a lot of energy out of it unless you arensula south bay t we do not get much. we saw that around a week ago. it looks good in the pacific, by the time it arrives, does not have the dynamics or energy
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to make things happen. some areas got pretty good rain . we will see the rain totals coming in now. occidental was close to shy of one inch of rain. pretty good rain in the russian river. after that, it tails off big time. santa clara has 14. palo alto, i put you in there, but you picked up .05. i cannot find that much this afternoon. even that was not much. the wind advisory goes until 10:00. we have a robust south wind. pretty good south wind for almost everybody. we still have a way to go. the winter weather advisory started early this morning and goes until midnight tonight. the snow level will start to come down. see a beginning to p up. south of that, maybe some isolated cells moving in.
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speaking of, some of those will continue especially around the river. we had about 1.5 inches of rain all the way up through lake county. we're not done yet and a lot of moisture streaming into the santa cruz mountains and also the santa clara valley. there are two systems. the main one here is going northward and drying in another system from the west-southwest. 50s on the tens here. a few breaks in the clouds. a lot of cloud cover here and some light steady rain continuing to the south. if you do not split to go south, we will have some rain totals. 50s in the temperatures. some areas will be finding it tough to get out of the 50s. a woman's puppy stolen right from her arms in broad
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daylight. next, how the suspect was able to trick her into meeting him. and a farewell to a beloved local house bro.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a dog breeder is asking for the public's health help to find her puppy. lisa rich normally sells her
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dogs to friends. this is the first time dealing with a stranger. they texted and spoke several times and agreed to meet at the petsmart monday evening. when she showed off the dock, who she named emoji, the man took him and put into a blue mustang in two. >> i want to think that he still have because he wanted him so bad. but my heart is saying something different. >> she has filed a report with the police and is trying to get petsmart to share its surveillance video of the incident. a popular south bay restaurant is now closed for good. >> it is really sad that they are leaving. >> people lined up yesterday outside harry's hofbrau for one last meal. they been serving food and craft beer for more than 40 years on the saratoga avenue occasion. the restaurant owner says that the building is in disrepair.
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the property owner decided to tear down the building and have the site redevelop. customer said they will miss it. >> i basically grew up hed we h been coming here for one last time to check in and say goodbye. it almost feels like a funeral. >> i've been here for all the years. the owner says are trying to move the employees to other locations. a whole new demographic of voters. the impact on 1.5 million ex- felons could have after the state gives them back the bite right to vote. >> the president of the united states, having failed to get to mexico to pay for his ineffective unnecessary border wall, and unable to convince congress or american people to foot the bill, has shut down
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the government. >> democrats are responding to the president's primetime address on border wall funding. after the break, we will have alive report from washington, d.c. on the 19th day of a government shutdown. in case you are just joining us, there's been a deadly crash in san jose. that is blocking a major freeway. the truck overturns just after 3:45. now there is a long line of traffic coming up to mckee road. and not much rain. it is not bad at all. certainly north of the golden gate. we are not to you. a lot of moisture coming in for the west-southwest. keep the rain gear handy. so we don't want you to pay one cent more than you need to for health care. at covered california, you can get health insurance at a lower cost. in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day. see how little it costs to get covered.
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visit today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. we have another report from the deadly accident in just a moment. first, we want to speak with steve paulson about the weather. should people head out with the umbrellas? >> i would. i keep it around for about a week. that is just my two cents. make it three cents. mostly cloudy was scattered showers. we'rnoe two parts of the system that rotating in. that will give us the rainfall. was not that great unless you're up towards marin other a but there's a lot of moisture streaming in from the west- southwest drawn in by the upper
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lobe. 1.01 was another measurement. napa is 0.33 inches. after that, much of the city in the east bay and peninsula just did not pick up that much rain. they may pick up a little bit more today. the wind advisory goes until 10:00 in there some pretty good gusts out there.'s partly in the higher elevations along the coast. but at the surface, 18 to 25 miles per hour. all right, sal is here and he y >> we have been. just to let you know, even though we have been covering  the deadly crash, most of the other commutes, for example celano has been just fine this morning. nothing unexpected there. we do have an unexpected problem in san jose on northbound one this was at mckee rotor just north of it.
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the traffic is going to be slow. they have let more traffic through now and it is better than it was. but a big mess for the road. let me share the alternate route which is interstate 280 going up to 87. you can you set to go around the problem. here is a map of the situation. you can see northbound 101 is backed up from just north of the capital expressway getting up to the scene. we want to go to ktvu's elissa harrington who is there with more information about what happened. >> reporter: that is right. i have the starting here with chp who will tell me a little bit more about what happened and what drivers can expect. tell us, what can we expect. this is a box truck not a garbage truck. >> corrects this is a box truck. the preliminary investigation shows that the driver may have fa would end up happening, we think, said he left the roadway and struck a lockout on
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unfortunately, it looks like there was a passenger sleep in the back of the truck and may have been unrestrained. he was killed as a result of the collision. the driver sustained major injuries but not life- threatening. he is transported to a local hospital. we do not think the drugs or alcohol were a factor, just a fatigue driver. was a passenger wearing a seatbelt? >> we do not know for sure, but it looks like he was not at this point. looks at the lanes are closed again. >> we had a full closure for emergency workers be able to go and manage the scene. that being said, we have the freeway reopened now at this location. we only have one lane open. it will take us a while for a tow truck to return the truck over and take it away from the scene can expect delays on pen up as northbound 101. you might want to consider alternate routes. thank you very much. i appreciate it.
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there is a tow truck on scene and it is getting ready to clear the box truck. again, this happened at 3:45 this morning. the passenger was the one killed. the driver has been taken to the hospital with serious injuries. this point, does appear that the driver fell asleep and that is how this overturned. they're getting ready to clear the scene. they opened up one lane of traffic, so the cars are moving through, but still very backed up. keep in mind if you are traveling through the area on northbound 101 in san jose. reporting live, elissa harrington. ktvu fox 2 news. to try to make his case to the american public to hold a $5 billion wall along the us- mexico border. in a nationally televised address, presence of that the wall was needed to address a crisis. as allie rasmus reports from the newsroom,challenging that assertion. >> it morning. that while the democrat and congressional leaders are debating the border employment.
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hundreds of thousands of workers are not getting paid, the national parks are being neglected people are going without federal government surge services. he spoke for 90 minutes on the border wall. is one of his highest -- president trump started his speech by saying that the wall would protect women and children who are exploded with the cross illegally. he also mentioned the recent killing of police corporal singh. >> the life of an american hero was sold by someone who had no right to a humanitarian crisis. a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. >> reporter: democratic congressional leadersr responded to the president claimed that the second
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televised address. there's is four minutes long. the border wall to go towards other border security measures. described the president's focus on the wall as an obsession. >> we can install new technology to scan cars and trucks for drugs coming into our nation. we can hire the personnel that we need for immigration. the government shutdown has not dragged on for 19 days. today is day 19. the log is shut down in history was 21 days that was from 1996. they are calling white house leaders back to the white house today to meet and hopefully find a way to end the stalemate. political analysts are not optimistic. senate republicans are trying to fight a global boycott of israel. the others are divided on the issue. they would reauthorize support for israel andjordan.
5:37 am
sanction syrians involved in war crimes and punish companies that engage in that conduct. that is boycott, investment, and sanctions movement penicilln congresswoman is accusing senate republicans of being more loyal to israel than the united states. she tweeted that they forgot what country they represent. not all democrats are against the new bill. >> there's only one word for it. anti-semitism. let us call out the movement for what it is. senate democrats have vowed to block a vote on the bill until the government is reconvicted felons of florida w have served their time in jail can now vote in florida. a new amendment took effect yesterday in florida. 65% of florida voters overturned a 150-year-old law that blocked
5:38 am
while those who have been able to finally vote again say that this is very emotional, others say that the loss of a bad precedent. >> this represents me being a citizen again and being able to have a voice. >> it makes sense to automatically restore voting rights to convicted felons. maybe also makes sense automatically restore their second amendment rights. for gun. >> newly sworn in republican governor ron desantis is also against the new world. he said it is an issue for the state legislature and may ask legislatures to deal with the matter in march. the voting will change does not apply to felons who were convicted of murder or sexual offenses. three of the top executives at pg&e could retire this month. the san francisco chronicle reports part of a management shakeup after the claimant was named in connection to many of the devastating wildfires in
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california over the last 2 years. patrick hogan is the senior vice president of electric operations. according to the chronicle, he is retiring on january 20. two other vps are leaving the company. students at paradise highschooler back in the classroom two months after the camp fire destroyed the town. yesterday was the first day of the new semester. this high school has been relocated miles away from paradise. they are here in a big building near the chico airpthey went to the class at this temporary school. the building, once occupied by facebook, as it desks and books the partitions dividing the building into separate classrooms have still not arrived.partitions are unfortunately between las vegas and here. they should have been here last week. we new nearly all of the
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students who go to that school had homes destroyed in the camp fire. >> my heart goes out to the. 5:40s a time. a san francisco-based online colleges waving on print upfront tuition. role the silicon valley investors are taking. the death of a 38-year-old man since his family and friends. what led to his death what health officials are saying about it now. we have a problem for the silicon valley commute on northbound 101. there is an overturned truck with deadly results here. traffic is getting by, but it is very slow. we will also take a look at some of the bay area commutes coming up. some pretty good rain totals north of the golden gate. south of that, not so much. but we're not done yet. we will have some off and on rain still the forecast.
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e back to members of congress taking action. jared huffman of the north way spent saturday picking up trash in the golden gate national recreation area. yesterday, they took the trash to the white house. they delivered a message to president trump about a the government shutdown. >> our president thinks it is a big joke that you could shut down government because you are petulant and think it is somehow my way or the highway. this is something that conjunc things do not change, sh flu se santa clara county just saw the first flu related death of someone under the age of 65. the victim is a 39-year-old
5:44 am
with underlying health issues put the person a higher risk. separately, a south bay motorcycle club is also warning the death of one of its members. visiting his family in arizona when he was hospitalized last week in. the flu complications developed into pneumonia and he died lowers hours later. i fully expected to see him on saturday. >> the flu can affect anyone. that is why and older to is not too late to ge flu shot. the cdc estimates that there were 80,000 flu related death during the 2017-2018 fl in health this morning. the fight against cancer, the american cancer society, says that death from cancer have now been on the decline for 25 years. researchers say that people are taking better care of themselves and lung cancer
5:45 am
deaths have been cut in half is the american kick the cigarette habit. there have also been improvements in detection and treatment of cancer, but doctors say that their troubling signs and the rate for prostate cancer is no longer dropping. there is a new president of the san francisco board of supervisors. it is norman yee. the seven year veteran of the board was elected president as three new board members were sworn in. the newly elected elected board members represent the tenderloin and sunset districts. in the meantime in sacramento, a man dressed as a giant shopping receipt stole the show yesterday. was an effort to reduce the use of paper receipts in california. the state assemblyman said it would require all businesses to offer electronic receipts unless a customer specifically asks
5:46 am
for a paper cup copy. >> most of us, what we do we do with the paper when we get home or get done? it goes into the way spent. goes into recycling. again, why have something that is unnecessary and again, it is very bad for the environment. representative cited the study from the environmental group, claiming as many as the and illinois prosecutor is hoping to launch a new investigation into sexual abuse allegations against the singer r.kelly. >> i wanted to just be forensics. we need actual witnesses and victims to have the courage to tell their stories. >> the announcement is in response to a six part television documentary that featured women accusing r.kelly of sexual abuse and pedophilia.
5:47 am
the time is 5:27. police are looking for a man who was caught on camera doing something really really strange. a camera catches this man walking to the front door of the house and looking the doorbell. this went on for hours. the homeowners were out of town, but they got an alert that activity at the front door was occurring. he could be charged with prowling among other things. >> i'm not making this up. >> okay. okay. moving on. unfortunately, we have a huge problem northbound 101 in san jose. if you're just joining us, do not head in that direction. there is a deadly accident. >> it happened at 3:45. northbound 101 and mckee road. truck overturned and they still
5:48 am
have the right lanes blocked. they're letting in some traffic, but it is not a roots that i would suggest. northbound 11 just north of mckee because of the deadly crash. i will show you the 280 san jose which a lot of people using downtown. that is still a pretty good route getting around the problem. you can do not the northbound to 70. the area has been very busy. northbound 101 a solid on the capital expressway. you might even want to think about using 85 today if you are far enough south. just avoid the whole thing by getting into the west valley that way. it will be a little longer, but right now, looks all right. let's talk about some of the other commutes. 580 is a little bit slow. the rest of the east bay commute looks pretty good. there's a backup at the bay bridge toll prowess a plasma. we do have a look at the san mateo bridge that is looking pretty good. coming up next time, we will take a look. it has been nice and quiet this
5:49 am
morning so far on 680, 24, and highway four . we will check that out coming up in the next traffic update. it might rain today. we have some overnight. not much east and south over the peninsula. i am hard-pressed to find more than 0.1 inches throughout the peninsula. in the santa cruz mountains, not too bad. here's scattered showers today. there are two parts of the system. the maid low is hward. it is also drying up moisture from another low off southern california. the combination are giving us a lot of cloud cover. cloverdale's about 1.5 inches. near one inch coming in. napa is 0.3 inches. san francisco has 0.1 inches. but the do have some wind gusts. for some people it is pretty
5:50 am
good, others also good. the wind advisory goes until 10:00. the highest ghost will be on the coast. it is blustery out there. it seems to be dying down a teeny bit, but it is still the south-southeast breeze for the morning. there is a winter weather advisory out for the mountains. that started at blue canyon in truckee on the hourly observations. their reporting light rain. this is a warmer system. you can see that the snow will slowly come down. isolated thundershower activity and a quick downpour certainly possible. that is near the sonoma county and andy see no county. a lot of moisture taking aim towards santa cruz. that over towards monterey. you can see that is the source. there is a system there. but there is some cold and unstable air sweeping in. it could trigger afternoon thunderstorm activity. the system will move through and rotate through. we will get a break tomorrow.
5:51 am
then they are barreling across. if everything continues to march in, we will see another system on friday and sunday. the numbers continue to stack up that we're seeing some one to three inch totals here going into the weekend and in early next week. a little cooler today. partly cloudy on thursday and more rain on friday. >> all right. thank you. the time is 5:51. not sure, mark zuckerberg set out to fix facebook. his personal challenge for 2019.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg wants to focus on technology. he wants to talk about the growing concerns about privacy on facebook. scandals led to several investigations and a drop in the price of facebook stock. school will not charge new students and upfront tuition fee. and investors are backing this unique program. we're hool. they received more than $30 million in funding instead of tuition, the school has an income shared agreement. the students agree to pay 70% of their salary to the school for 2 years if they get a job that pays more than $50,000 a
5:55 am
year. the time is 5:55. about those warriors. klay thompson had a great night. he's making a push to become a all-star again. is probably hoping to get a few more games like you have last night against the knicks. >> an open look . >> he is 19 years old. >> look at clay. he had a season-high of 43 points. the warriors beat the knicks 122-95. draymond green had a double double. 11 rebounds and 10 assists. the warriors play again on friday against the chicago bulls. the san jose sharks are in the four-game winning streak. the never trailed in a big wind -- win. >> and he scores. he scored. the each had two
5:56 am
goals. that was enough to win. joe thornton and brent burns also scored. san jose was the winner, 7-2. the team it also singled out erik karlsson for his ability as a set up shot. he extended the street to 14 straight games with an assist. the time is 5:56. big story this morning. a deadly crash in san jose. it has stopped traffic and it is on 101. the very latest on this is we try to tell you a way to get around the crash. democrats in congress have refused to acknowledge the crisis. >> we do not govern by temper tantrum. coming up next, the latest on the government shutdown that was front and center during president trump's overall oval office speech last night.
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5:58 am
trafficstarting to move again following a deadly crash. officers say that the driver of the box truck that overturned fell asleep. i will have more details coming up. the roads are wet this morning. the winds have been high overnight storm that is still moving across the bay area.
5:59 am
i will tell you how long the rain will stick around. this is mornings on 2. thank you for waking up with us. was very busy. let's get right to the breaking news in san jose. there has been a big traffic backup on northbound 101 for more than two hours. your look at the reason for it. and overturned box truck locking most all of the lanes on 101 near mckee road. we have live team coverage of the deadly crash. sal is looking for an alternate route to get you to where you need to go this morning. first, go to ktvu's elissa harrington. she has more on the scene. >> reporter: i can tell you that one lane is back open. traffic is slowly moving through. it is an incredible amount to back up. they are letting cars get through the area while a tow truck is on scene preparing to
6:00 am
remove the box truck. when we know is that the crash happened at about 3:45 this morning. the sergeant that i spoke with told me that there were two people inside the box truck. the driver and a passenger who was asleep, either in the back seat or in a sleeper section of the truck. the driver told officials that he fell asleep. he swerved off the side of the road. it took up and hit a guardrail and that overturned. the passenger was killed and was pronounced dead at the


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